Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity Gossip is part of our western society like no other form of news. It’s like most of us just can’t get enough celebrity gossip and we’re always looking for the inside scoop. There are a lot of websites on the net devoted to celebrity gossip but here at Celeb Gossip we focus on provide then celebrity news with a special twist that involves a bit of humor, a bit of facts and the straight goods. Whatever kind of celebrity gossip you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here. We host our site with JusThemes, so we don’t censor our posts and we make sure we always tell it like it is!
Celeb Gossip

In this section of Celeb Gossip we have broke down all of the posts into categories by the celebrity names. If you’re looking for celebrity gossip that’s specific to your favorite celebrity, you can mostly likely find it here. Mind you, we have a lot of celebrities on this site so you might need to scroll down the page in order to find the celebrity you’re looking for! We all have our favorite celebrities, and everyone can differ between which celebrity gossip they want to see and that’s why this section is broken down by different celebs.

Celebrity News

Every now and then there’s a celebrity that makes the news. We’re not talking about what they had for breakfast or how ugly a celebrity’s clothes were.. if you want that kind of info you have to check the other celebrity sections on the site. This is strictly about actual celebrity news, not celebrity tabloids or celebrity gossip. If you’re looking for a story that involves a celebrity in the news, then please check out this section!

Celebrity Lives

Let’s face it, celebrities live amazing lives that we all like peaking into. Whether it’s two celebs hooking up or it’s something a little more long lasting and beautiful, like a celebrity wedding! We also cover a lot of other aspects about celebrity lives including sharing information about celebrity babies, young celebrities etc. If you’re looking to find out more about the day to day life of celebrities then this is the section you want to be checking out.

Celebrity Fashion

We all love to adore and critique what the hottest celebs are wearing. Sometimes celebrities set fashion trends with great celeb fashion choices and other times they fail miserably and end up being a laughing stock. In this section we critique celebrity fashion with no bars held, we give credit when it’s due but when a celebrity commits a major fashion “NO-NO” we don’t hold back! Celebrity fashion influences us all, and with paparazzi around all the time whether they just rolled out of bed or they’re out for a night on the town we usually get pictures of celebrities in all different situations allowing us to critique them as much as we’d like!
Celebrity Sadness

This section is both offering pity to celebrities in a sarcastic fashion and it also gives respect when it’s due. We post stuff like celebrity mug shots in here, celebrity break ups and divorces, celebs without make up but we also post the more serious stuff in here like celebrities with illnesses and the always heart breaking celebrity deaths. This section can be a lot of fun, laughing at celebrities in misfortunate situations but it can also be very said when celebrities we love also pass away.

Celebs By Profession

If you’re looking for celeb gossip or celeb news based on a specific profession then make sure you check out this section. We got sections for every celeb profession from singers, writers, actors, directors, models, athletes, politicians and everything in between. We’re also thinking about adding a new category called Famous for being Famous for all of the Kim Kardashian’s of the world!

Well, that’s it.. that’s all of the celebrity categories we have on this. We hope you enjoy reading all of our posts and we hope you bookmark the site and keep coming back for more because celebrity news happens on a daily basis and we don’t sleep! We’re constantly updating the site and adding new posts about all of our favorite and not-so-favorite celebrities.